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I like the idea of learning that singing involves your whole self, not just your vocal cords but your brain, your legs, diaphragm, your whole body. I have a stronger upper range than I did before. I was more experienced in the lower register before and now I know I have expanded my vocal range. You are very constructive, fun and detailed and knowledgeable in your teaching approach.

Adult Singer

I've developed my voice far beyond what I would have ever done had I not taken voice lessons in terms of tone, diction, expanding my range. Proper warm- up techniques and different ways to approach working and improving rough spots in a song. In addition, I've learned about the physiology of the voice. Your teaching methods are very effective.

Graduate attending JMU in Music Theater

Lessons with you have improved my confidence TREMENDOUSLY and has helped me to really understand my voice. Before I came to you, I had some troubles with breathing, posture, and moving my arms (so basically looking crazy when I sang) and you have helped me to overcome a lot of those problems and they have improved greatly. In preparation for competitions, recitals, and college auditions, I have become A LOT more confident in singing in front of people. You made me realize that it's ok to be nervous, but that if I relax and focus, then I will be able to sing well in front of anyone.

Graduate attending Jacob’s School of Music

"Our daughter’s vocal ability has increased dramatically.  Not just the quality of her sound, but her expression, interpretation, breath control, range and volume.  She is a much more well-rounded singer than before.  She has also gained a great deal of confidence from your guidance and encouragement."

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